Sunday, August 31, 2008

Faux Phones

The girls have had these "faux phones" as Andy likes to call them for almost a year now. We bought them for 50 cents at Value Village and they have been pretending to talk on them.

Today they decided that they should try putting some batteries in them. After a few electro-mechanical adjustments on Andy's part, they are working like new!!

It's kind of scary, because we're getting a look at what life will be like when they hit the teenage years. They are able to text and call each other. They can also take pictures. Not bad for 50 cents!

They've been using them non-stop for the past few hours. We're already on a second set of batteries.....


Christina said...

Where the heck is Value Village so I can get some of those! The little ones always try to steal the real-deal phones!

Jennifer said...

Sorry, I am guessing that you don't have one of those in Korea :)

I really can't believe what these little phones do though! They really can text, call, and take pictures. They might be worth looking for them new. I'll have tow wait until they wake up to see what the brand is. (They are sleeping with them under their pillows!)