Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy Doll is MIA

Pow-Mia Flag by Stocktrek Images
Pow-Mia Flag

Nick's Daddy Doll is nowhere to be found. We've looked under beds, in toy boxes, in laundry baskets, in the cabinets, behind the couches, etc. and 2 days later he still hasn't shown up. Where could he be?? We didn't take him anywhere, so he has to be in our house. Maybe he's a POW in his sisters' room? They have so many stuffed animals, he could possibly be buried. Andy was ready to put the voice recorder into his doll - now we'll have to send out some major search parties.

I have been busy cleaning and organizing in preparation for the school year. I can't start the year with piles of papers and unorganized books. It would drive me crazy :) Pictures of the play room and school room will be posted soon! I am hoping that while all of this cleaning is going on, the Daddy Doll will show up...

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