Sunday, July 13, 2008

Walking My Little Monkey

Now, first of all I want to say that I was always one of those moms who thought "I would NEVER put my child on a leash like a dog!" I thought that it was somewhat inhumane. I had no use for one with the girls. Then Nick came along and I have changed my mind. Currently, when we go someplace I put him in the stroller. He usually unstraps himself within a minute and then runs away from me as quickly as his little legs can take him (which is usually quicker than my long legs can take me with a baby strapped to my chest). I end up carrying him on my hip and Tori in the Baby Bjorn. This is extremely awkward and uncomfortable - especially if I end up doing it for a long period of time (because I am usually also still pushing the now empty stroller).
I went to Fred Meyer the other day and saw a "kid leash" and decided that I would take the plunge and become one of THOSE moms. It isn't just a plain old leash either - it has a little monkey backpack attached to it. Nick was excited to put it on when we got home, but he lost most of his enthusiasm when his sisters decided to take turns "walking" him around the house. He did NOT like that. We have yet to use it out in public, but I am thinking that we may try this soon. Probably not in a store though since he would be grabbing everything off the shelves. He is relegated to the front of the cart where I can hold him down out of trouble :) I am going to a picnic next week at some botanical gardens and I am thinking that may be the perfect opportunity to try it out. I will let you know how it goes....2

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