Monday, July 14, 2008

This made me want to cry...

I also posted this on my other blog:

Kate is a budding reporter. She wrote her own newspaper article, complete with picture and delivered it to me rolled up and secured with a rubber band. I thought I was going to cry when I read it. Here is what it says (with the spelling VERY corrected):

The dads will fight in Iraq with bad guys. The moms and children will be worried about them for a while. 1 year is pretty long for a dad to be gone actually for every one to be gone for one year now that is a long time. See you next time. Goodbye. (There is a picture of two people sword fighting to go along with this)

On the other side of the newspaper is a similar story (again spelling corrected - this kid needs a proofreader!):

The dads are going to Iraq for a year. The moms and dads and children will miss them. It has to go that way. The dads are gone right now. It is sad for everyone. In 2 years the dads will return forever and ever. It is happy for everyone and the dads will come back with their kids and wife.

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